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Computer Assistance Chelmsford 

ICJ Consulting
346 Gloucester Avenue

01245 808275

  IT Support Essex

Based in Chelmsford, ICJ Consulting provides reliable IT services and computer maintenance throughout Essex and the East of England.

ICJ Consulting offers friendly and professional assistance to both home users and business customers alike - from discussing your needs to installing and maintaining computers, servers, wired networks, wireless networks, printers and CCTV.

Call now on 01245 808275 to see what ICJ Consulting can do for you!


Business IT

Home Computing

Security & TV


Digital CCTV from ICJ Consulting

CCTV Solutions from ICJ Consulting, Essex

Do you want to increase security at your home or business?

Disaster Recovery from ICJ Consulting

Backup Solutions from ICJ Consulting, Essex

Do you backup EVERY file that you would need if your computer system was lost in a fire?

Computer Security from ICJ Consulting

Computer Security from ICJ Consulting, Essex

What do you do to protect your computers and IT infrastructure from damage by disgruntled employees?

Computer Systems Auditing from ICJ Consulting

IT Systems Audits from ICJ Consulting, Essex

Is every piece of software installed on your computers fully licensed? Are those licenses stored securely?


Computer Repair for Business    |    Computer Repair for Home    |    Wireless Networking for Business    |    Wireless Networking for Home

IT Support Essex - ICJ Consulting is a provider of quality IT Support to Clients throughout Essex.

With expertise ranging from the simple installation of a desktop computer all the way to complex server setups and programming, ICJ Consulting is a one stop shop for all of your IT support needs. In addition to the normal IT services associated with a Local IT support company, ICJ Consulting can also offer you a range of digital CCTV systems.

In a world of ever reducing quality and service, you are guaranteed that ICJ Consulting will offer you something special - a reliable, polite, high quality service complete with a smile.

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Computer Maintenance , Chelmsford
Computer Repair, Chelmsford, Essex
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Networking, Chelmsford
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